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    Help pleas.


      Hi, I am new here, and i have a question:


      As soon when i make an shape, it doesn't matter how, it automaticlys turn in to an movie clip, it annoying, but i don't know how to turn it off, so, pleas help me.

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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I don't know if I can help, but what makes you say it turns into a movieclip?  Does it show up in the library as a movieclip symbol?  What version of Flash are you using?  Can you describe the steps you take when this happens?

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            swif mcvay

            If you are creating a shape and pressing F8 to covert to symbol, then by default

            it will make it a movie clip, UNLESS you change it to button or Graphic


            as per the Image I've included, thats in FLASH 8 by the way.


            Hope that helps????

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              BBAnimator Level 1

              Thanks for posting, this is how it work:


              I make an shape.


              The blue box apears that nowmaly only apears with movie/graphic/buttons..


              BUT: It doesn't show up in the library.


              It started when i did this:


              I watch'd a youtube tutorial, and the tutorials said:

              Make an new symbol by pressing Ctrl + F8.


              I did that, but now everything i make turns in to a movie/button/graphic that doesn't show up in the library...


              Oh, i have flash 8 pro, BTW.

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                swif mcvay Level 1

                You can either Create a new symbol OR convert to Symbol


                The way you are doing is, on a blank page you are pressing cntrl + f8 and it brings up the Create to symbol,



                If you have a shape for example : a filled sqaure on the page, if you take the selection tool(black arrow) in the tool pallette, and click once on the sqaure, and then press F8, that will convert to symbol, that ay you can change it to a graphic,



                Im not sure what you are actually trying to do.

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                  Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  Open a new file and just start drawing a shape on the empty stage without selecting any options for creating symbols.  When you draw something does it still have a blue frame around it?

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                    BBAnimator Level 1

                    wait, i'll record my screen while making an shape.

                    Sorry for the late edit, my browers broke.

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                      Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                      If these objects are not showing up in the library, it is doubtful they are symbols (movieclips, buttons, graphics).  It is possible they are just Group-ed items since you say you have to break them apart.  When you create one, open the Modify option in the top menu and see if the option to Ungroup is clickable.

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                        BBAnimator Level 1

                        When i select a shape, it's clickable, but when i make a new shape, the same happens.



                        Allready found the answer, still thanks thought ^-^