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    How do I export rounded rectangles to DW?

    Streetwitch Level 1

      Hi, been having trouble exporting rounded rectangles to DW.  I've been trying to use the 3-slice technique but whatever I do, I end up with the centre repeating slice exporting as a div which positions itself around the outside of the top and bottom ones.  I'm new to slicing, but have been very careful:  the 3 slices are not overlapping, the background images look fine, and I've given the slices unique names.  It looks as though the export process is not creating the slice names as divs, which is what I thought it would do, as the div names assigned look like default ones.

      Here's the code:
      <div id="main">
        <div id="Box3SliceContainer">
             <div id="boxtop1">
        <div id="boxbottom2">
        <br class="clearfloat" />


      I'd  be very grateful if anyone can help - I need to crack this asap and its driving me nuts.  I've placed the .png file online so will add the link to this request if anyone can advise.