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    pinnacle studio moviebox ultimate


      Hi Steve!


      I have read your article about the best device for capturing and you recommended that you should use ads pyro a/v link. But the problem is that I live in Sweden and I can't find that product on the market here. I have found a different device that is from Pinnacle that's called studio moviebox ultimate usb. It have the outputs (mpeg1, mpeg2, mpeg4, avi, dv, mjpeg, divx, wmv, hdv). The connection from the capturing device to the computer is IEEE 1394 (firewire).


      What I want to do is to digitilize old VHS tapes and in the future convert clips from my new Sanyo Xacti that have the mpeg4 in video output and then get the best video format for use in PE7 (dv-avi?).


      Do you think that this device will work as good as the one that you recommended?


      Regard Roland.