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    FMCore has been Stopped alert


      Yesterday, when I started Illustrator CS4 up and opened a file I had been working on the day before, I received the following alert while Illustrator was starting up. "FMCore has been stopped. Please start it from the System Preferences Pane and then Relaunch Illustrator CS4". I wrote down the alert in my computer's update and problem log book exactly as it was written on my screen. I am working with an  Mac intel single quad core processor with 8 gb of ram and OS X 10.5.8. I have looked for this control panel so I could turn it back on, but could not find it. I looked in all of the library folders inclusive of Users, then by clicking on the hard drive, the HD's library, and the System folder's library. I find a folder with Preference panes in it, but not one named FMCore?  Where can I find this file? Does any one know?


      I have run Spotlight searches, queried Apples Knowledge base, While trying to trouble shoot this problem, I discovered that this affected AI CS2 and 3 also, It also affected InDesign CS2, 3, and 4. But this alert message did not affect PS CS4,3 or 2.



      I know, I know, why do you have all of this stuff on the same computer and the reason for leaving older versions is to maintain editable backwards compatibility. For instance the drivers for the scanner I am using cannot be used with Photoshop CS4 but they can be used with CS2. And the Scanner manufacturer will not upgrade the drivers for an old scanner when they really want to sell new scanners, not maintain what they already sold.


      Now enough about why I have multiple versions of apps on my system. Does anyone out there have an idea how to fix this problem. Illy and InDesign both seem to work but take longer to open.  I'm not even sure what FMCore is

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          Wade_Zimmerman Level 6

          You have Suitcase Fusion installled.


          Go to the System Preferences and at the bottom for third party Preference Panes click on the FM Core and enable it.


          FM Core is Font Management Core part of Suitcase Fusion it i not turned on by defauLt? I do not know why.


          You should be fine once it is turned on.

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            grnofslt@mac.com Level 1

            I was wondering if you would give me the folder chain that I might find this. I couldn't find it on my Mac at home, so I know that I won't find it on th work mac where I have this problem. Thanks  I really appreciate the help you sent, FMCore, makes sense, Font management. Guess that just reinforces for the positive the idea of keeping logs of what is installed, updated, uninstalled, etc on computers. Able to keep a running idea of what might cause the prob.  I did install Fusion 2 on the work mac but haven't really set it up for font management as it is a demo.


            Thanks again, and if you can show me the exact path to the file I would really appreciate it.


            Bill J

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              Wade_Zimmerman Level 6

              It is not a folder chain but a user interface




              I do not use Suitcase Fusion but it should be here or abouts ( FM CORE)