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    Image control inside custom component (possible to browse?)

    artscan65 Level 1

      Hello and thanks in advance,


      This may be from totally simple to totally impossible. But I need to know if possible so i wont go another way and turn back after hours.


      Task is to make a custom button component based on Canvas. In that custom component I add functionality needed for my programm. I want also to have a image placed in the canvas. Placing the image with code is something i know how to. What i want to know (if possible) is a way I can add the source in design mode. For example if you put an Image control on stage in the properties pane you can browse and select the source. But when I add the custom component, you cannot select the Image control inside it and you cannot do it the same way (wud save hrs cause application has 100's of such buttons and all have a different image as icon, so it wud be a life saver defining the source through browser).


      Please HEEEEEEELP !!! LOL


      thanks all


      Always have fun