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    Help Transform My System



      This is my first post on this great forum!

      I'm looking to transform my current system to a strong video editing machine...see below.


      Here are the current specs of my machine and notes/questions about each:

      MB: EVGA Classified E760

      - Is this board okay?

      - I have the chipset watercooled.


      CPU: i7 920

      - I will be upgrading to a 980X when they release.

      - This is watercooled.


      RAM: 6GB Corsair DDR3 1600

      - I'm going to go to 12GB.

      - Should I change this RAM to a different model?

      - Would I benefit going to the Dominator GT 1866 or does any ol' RAM do the trick?

      - What aspect of RAM has the greatest impact on better performance? Cas timings, clock speed, etc???


      GPU: PNY 9800GT 512MB

      - Waiting on CS5 to decide where to go with this.


      OS HDD: 750GB WD Caviar Black

      - I'm assuming that this should be upgraded, I was thinking an Intel SSD would be a good choice...would it?


      Storage HDDs: 1TB WD Caviar Black (x4)

      - I currently have 3 of the 4 1TB Blacks on a Dell PERC 6/i in RAID 5 and the last drive as a backup drive for all my critical data.

      - Was thinking of getting rid of the RAID card all together and just using them individually and getting a 2TB Caviar Green drive to hold all my stuff that doesn't need high performance...iTunes, pictures, downloads, etc. Your thoughts on where to go with my storage?

      - My case can still fit 4 more 3.5" drives


      PSU: Enermax Galaxy EVO 1250W

      - I should have more than enough power



      Few more questions/thoughts:

      - I was thinking about getting a Blackmagic Design Intesity Pro card, or an AJA Xena LHi card...your thoughts? I'll be using a Sony Z1U camera.

      - Soundcard - I was thinking about getting an Asus D2X...is that a good idea? Is there a better soundcard option for video editing...or does it even matter?

      - Tesla Card - Are there rumors that CS5 will be able to utilize one of these?



      Thanks in advance!

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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          Rather controversial choices here. You choose components for heavy overclocking, watercooling, i7-980X, Caviar Black disks, all great components, and then throw in a Green disk... Are you so conscious of the environment? Why combine that with a 1250W PSU? That is way overpowered for this system and an energy waste.


          I have 17 disks internally and some other stuff and 1000W is enough for me. With only 4 or 5 disks you would be OK with 650-700 W.


          Have a look at some system setups in http://ppbm4.com benchmarks. Also have a look at all these guides: How to get the best from a PC? Some guides...

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            ShadowFox1980 Level 1

            Really? That's what you got out of that post? I didn't even ask about the PSU. I have owned it for 6 months, it's not like I can return it. All the components I listed is what I already own.


            The reason I was going with the Green disk is because it can be had for over a $120 cheaper than a 2TB Caviar Black, and I don't need the performance if I'm going to be storing my iTunes music/videos and pictures on it. It will not be used for video editing...never said it would.


            If we want to be critical, you just gave me a lazy *** answer anyway. Links? I know you're proud of your guides and all, and you're the end-all-be-all when it comes to knowing hardware relating to PP, but give me a break. No wonder this place doesn't have very heavy traffic.

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              Harm Millaard Level 7

              RAM: Since you already have three sticks, just get threee additional sticks. Don't mix two types. If you want the ultimate in memory, look here: http://www.guru3d.com/article/gskill-2200-c7-ddr3-pi-memory-review/


              OS disk: SSD's have not shown any performance gain over conventional hard disks for editing and the one you have is great.


              The Dell Perc controller is a reasonable controller with 6 ports. I would get two additional 1 TB disks and use a 6 disk raid5 (or even raid6) array. Everything on this array, projects, scratch, media, exports.


              GPU: sensible


              TESLA: IF it is supported, adding a C2070 co-processor would be fantastic. But we will have to wait and see what really is supported in CS5.


              Green disk: the price difference and the intended use makes sense.


              For the Z1 you don't need a BM or AJA card. Conventional capturing over firewire works great (with HDVSplit).

              On-board sound is quite sufficient. No need to get a separate sound card.

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                Hi Harm,


                Does a separate soundcard really does not bring anything? I just wanted to buy one this week just for the performance in Premiere!

                As you can see in some other trhreads on multicam editting, the sound is always the problem. Also with me. I don't understand this because video is much more heavier for a PC then sound. But in multicam editting, you can better put the soundsource directly on the multicam timeline because else the performance is unacceptable (waiting for >1 second before playback starts, rendering audio after only small change ect.).

                I hoped that a separate soundcard would move cpu-power to the soundcard instead of the onboard sound using the cpu also.

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                  Harm Millaard Level 7

                  I would be very surprised if a separate audio card would give you any performance (time wise) benefit over on-board sound. Maybe a Turtle sound card may give you better quality, but better performance? I doubt that. Certainly (IMO) a SB card will not give you any performance gain, due to the enormous driver footprint, but to be honest, once I have been bitten by the SB software, I have stayed away from that stuff and don't trust it any longer, so I have no hands-on comparisons with the latest versions.


                  As to your remark about moving the CPU-load to the sound card, that is not the case. A sound card does not have anything like a GPU found on Quadro video cards and even there Adobe is still fighting to get video signals (the essence of video editing applications) moved over from the CPU to the GPU to lessen the burden (maybe in CS5 with some limited number of video cards).


                  Another drawback of a separate sound card is the slot it takes, forfeiting the use of a good raid controller, a nVidia coprocessor, a PCI-e SSD card and the like.


                  I am not saying a separate sound card can not be beneficial, but it would definitely be the last thing to consider, only after I had filled my system with a good raid controller with large amounts of cache, BBM, with a Quadro 4800/5800 card, a C2070 coprocessor, a 1+ TB PCIe SSD raid card, and 20+ 15K7 disks. If I still have room left after that, I would not worry about the $ 50-100 for a sound card. I can always use it as an expensive doorstopper.

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                    ReneLaan Level 1

                    OK, thanks Harm,

                    It confirms basically the feeling that I had on this issue but it was my last possibility to get rid of this problem.

                    I will have to re-arrange the way I am working now with sound and keep to my onboard sound.