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    photoshop.com vs youtube uploads


      Working with my new computer( well configurated for video) that's running Win7 I was  able to import from myPanasonic  DV camcorder 50 min of video as well as do some basic editing. Had a few issues with the screen going white at times however...particularly when I toggle between the Organizer and Edit. Also experienced a few other random crashes but was fortunate enough to be able to retrieve my data. Anyway I dutifully forwarded the crash window notifications to adobe as usual. Honestly if I had not had experience with previous versions of this software ( as well as the professional version when I took a class) I think I would have given up.



      Anyway, here's what's weird.  I made up a 3 minute test video that I wanted to send from PE8 to youtube via the Share option and it crashed during the upload process. I was successful however in  up loading the segment to photoshop.com where I was able to invite some friends to view it. What I'm going to try next so that I can upload to youtube is per suggestions on this forum is convert the video segment  to avi,import into Movie Maker and then convert to WMM unless someone has a better way. It just seems so convoluted.


      Haven't tried to burn a DVD yet. Have to take things in stages.