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    Stationary Title & Scolling Credits


      I am wanting to place a title at the top of the screen. Then I want to have scrolling credits that scroll up to the stationary title but do not continue to the top of the screen.




      1)  Title = "My Favorite Songs Are:"


      2) Then I want to place the the 'art in motion credits' video below the title


      3) As my list of songs scrolls upwards they do not scoll off the top of the screen but instead scroll off at a point a little below the title.


      4) The title will always be seen at the top but below it you can watch the various songs scroll upwards but not hit the title.


      Have I made the issue clear and can someone help me conquer this?






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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          All you need to do is create two different titles.


          Put your stationary title on Video 2, and put your scrolling title on Video 3, directly above it.

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            Dekade Level 1

            Thanks Steve:


            I had the two video tracks figured out but the following is what I later figured out on my own to seal up the problem. For the #1 title that I wanted to remain seeing all of the time while the #2 title was scrolling below I had to do the following. I had to draw a rectangle and then assign a color to it. Then I sent that rectangle backwards. Then I put the text for #1 title on top of the colored rectangle. The #1 title colored rectangle covers the top 1/3 of the viewing screen. The bottom 2/3 of the viewing screen is for the rolling #2 credits title. The rolling credits then disappear behind the colored rectangle #1 title. Without the colored rectangle you see the two video tracks on top of one another. (Do you see what I mean by that?). The whole thing is pretty cool and makes for some great versatility with rolling credits. The uses are endless. Thanks again for being the one person who replied to my concerns.



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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              Two other methods to "limit" the display of the scrolling credits would be:


              Use Track Matte Keying to limit the display


              Use the Crop Effect for the top of the scrolling display


              Personally, I like the Track Matte Keying, as one can even "feather" the upper limit on the scrolling credits, so that they "fade" out before they reach the stationary Title.


              Good luck,