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    FLV video - make it stop

      I am playing several videos using the FLVPlayback component. Selecting different videos by jumping to different marker locations stops at the frame where the instance exists. This part works fine.

      Unfortunately, when jumping from one video to another - audio from the previous video can still be heard. Do I need to stop that video before leaving the frame?

      Here is the Actionscript I am using:


      import fl.video.*;
      import fl.controls.ProgressBarMode;

      // Set Variables
      var flvControl = video1_instance;
      var flvSource = "video1.flv";

      // Create event handler functions to control the progressbar
      function progressHandler(event:VideoProgressEvent):void
      var bl = Math.round(event.bytesLoaded/1000);
      var bt = Math.round(event.bytesTotal/1000);

      // Update progress...

      function readyHandler(event:VideoEvent):void
      // Remove progressbar when we start playing...

      // Set progress bar state
      pb.mode = ProgressBarMode.MANUAL;
      pb.indeterminate = false;

      // Add listeners and load the video
      flvControl.addEventListener(VideoProgressEvent.PROGRESS, progressHandler);
      flvControl.addEventListener(VideoEvent.READY, readyHandler);
      flvControl.source = flvSource;

      video_btn.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, onVideoClick);