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    True/False Questions - feedback


      I have just started using Presenter, have a presentation which includes some T/F questions, how can I include specific feedback to each question which gives the correct answer example below rather than just the normal A or B as the correct answer?


      Q - The temperature in Cornwall rarely goes below freezing point


      a)  True


      b)  False


      Correct answer A: but this year has been an exception and the county has lots of snow in Jan 2010

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          robva65 Level 2



          All question types in Presenter offer some sort of text box that you can use for feedback based on a learner's response, regardless of whether you got the answer right or wrong.  If you look at the options for any question, you should see a couple of checkboxes for "show correct message" and "show incorrect message."  Having those options selected means that you'll have feedback boxes to work with, and as a result, they can be used to customize your messages as you see fit.


          Bottom line, the feedback prompts are nothing more than PowerPoint based elements and can be modified according to your needs.


          Does that help at all, or are you experiencing different issues?





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            shirl24uk Level 1



            Thanks for the reply, I have set the quiz to show correct or incorrect feedback, but the problem is the boxes are hidden behind the other elements, and if I do put feedback in them when the quiz is reviewed most of the feedback is covered by either the A or B (your answer coloured blue ) box and I cannot see this on the question slide in design view.


            I would have been lovely if there were an input area in Presenter where you could easily type answers as having to go through each slide manually is a pain if you have a lot of slides.





            writing from a cold and snowy Cornwall in the UK.

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              robva65 Level 2

              Okay, NOW I think we're getting somewhere!


              IF I hear you correctly, this sounds to me like the issue is one of stacking of question elements on the slide and their positioning.  The good news is that the feedback prompts can be moved anywhere you want, but there may be some difficulty in selecting the feedback boxes without selecting the question distractors on the slide.


              One way around that problem is to use your TAB key; this will cycle through all of the elements on your slide....graphics, text boxes, the whole bit.  So once a feedback box is selected, you can move it where you want it OR you could re-arrange the stacking order of the feedback box by using the Draw menu (in PPT 03) and selecting Order -> Bring to Front.  I forget how that's done in PPT 07, but the ability to restack items is essentially the same.


              I agree that setting up the feedback would have been easier IF Presenter had the option to add your text while in the Quiz Manager, but that's the way it goes when using an "off the shelf" rapid development tool.  Gotta work within the sandbox we're given!






              Yep, cold in North Carolina too!

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                shirl24uk Level 1

                Thanks Rob will give that a go, the tab trick is useful.