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    One more question on Hard drive setup


      Thanks everyone for the info on PC and hardware setup.  I have download the the trial version of Premier CS4 and it is great!  I have one last question? I have read the Storage rules for and editing rig.


      I noticed in the projects settings it has

      captured video

      captured audio

      video previews

      audio previews


      And in the Preferences

      media cache database

      media cache files


      Correct me if this is incorrect


      Drive one my OS and project files

      My second drive  pagefile and media cache database and media cache files.

      Third drive captured video & audio and video previews and audio previews


      This system will use with a combination of DV, AVCHD material.  Should I add another hard-drive?  I maybe using  the onboard raid 0 for the captured video audio.