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    Barcodes for InDesign catalog

    jay fresno Level 1

      I have no experience with barcodes. I hope someone can help.


      I'm going to be putting together a catalog in InDesign CS4 that contains hundreds of photos of food products. The client wants a barcode for each product, as shown in the example below. I found that Teacup software has BarcodeMaker, which Teacup says is fully scriptable. Would that be a good choice?


      I also noticed that there is a free barcode maker courtesy of Marc Autret at http://marcautret.free.fr/geek/indd/eandesign/#S4. Is there an English version of the instructions on how to use it?


      Is it possible to scan each product (the real product) to automatically generate the barcode for InDesign, or is there some other way to automate the process of adding barcodes to InDesign catalog?


      I would welcome any suggestions to make adding barcodes to the catalog an efficient process.