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    shuffle movie clips

    huray Level 1

      I have four movie clips on stage. I want to suffle them in the following way:


      movie clips   A & B

                         C & D


      Shuffle in such a way that A interchange place with B , C interchange place with D. That is:


              B & A

              C & D


      Waiting for scripts.

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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Create some variables for one movie's x and y positions and use them to help switch the values of the movieclip locations.


          xA = movieA.x;

          yA = movieA.y;


          movieA.x = movieB.x;

          movieA.y = movieB.y;


          movieB.x = xA;

          movieB.y = yA;


          I see that you seem to be asking for people to provide scripts for you.  You should hire someone if you need to have script work done for you.  These forums are for helping others to solve problems with scripts and to share ideas, it is not a resource for getting your work done for you.