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    How Do You Broadcast Live Via Flash SWF?

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      Hope someone can help.
      We're trying to broadcast Live Webcam through Flash8. Got it to work, but when we place the files on my site, the cam doesn't work. I'll explain what I did below.
      Basically the Flash searches for the camera and broadcast it in the SWF. But I think it it searches the viewer's computer for their cam instead of retrieving mine. How can we fix this?


      The goal is simple. Stream live footage (from a webcam and/or regular camera) directly from a Flash SWF file. We'll be useing it for broadcasting our TV sessions as well for security purposes.


      Being a non-profit studio, we can't afford the Flash Server. If we have to use a server, then we must go through our Web Host's server. If that's even possible.



      Here is the Instructions of what I have accomplished:


      1-Create a "New Video" in the library, name it "myVid" and Instance name of "myVid" once added to the Layer1. (only one frame & 2 layers in file)
      2-Name Layer2 "Actions" and on the first frame go to Actions and type:


      var myCamera: Camera = Camera.get();
      myVid.attachVideo (myCamera);


      3-Save and preview. The vid shows. If not then right-click > Settings, Click the camera and choose the camera.


      That's all we did. My camera doesn't show up on other computers. Just mine. We're using Flash 8. AS3 goes straight over my head too often.

      We can't afford a Web Casting service and Ustream sucks.


      Thanks in advance.


      PS: we'll settle with info on how  convert live footage into a FLV file. That way we can just use the triditional "Import Video" option.