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    No Video On Export


      I realize I'm taking a bold step in this brave new world of codecs and video editing software, but I'm having problems exporting video out of Premiere Pro CS4. I'm able to import video taken from my Nikon Coolpix camera into Premiere, though not directly. I have to run it through Virtual Dub first To convert it from MJPEG to Raw Bitmap (which is the default option in Virtual Dub, I guess). Then I can import the clip into Premiere. From there I add a couple of titles, mess with the playback speed with keyframes here and there and then I try to export it.


      I can export it into FLV format fine, but when I try MOV or AVI (using several different video codecs, including H.264, MPEG4 and Uncompressed) my results vary from no video with sound to nothing at all. The Media Encoder goes from start to finish in about a second, and the log files say that it encoded the video just fine. The "bad" videos always turn out to be 1.33MB in size.


      I know Harm Millaard is going to come by and lambaste me for not posting enough information, so tell me what you need and I'll give it to you.