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    .prproj file Error, Cannot Open

    Benny Benzora

      please download in:


      Please help me to recover corrupted .PrPROJ files? All My .prproj files was corrupted at once since i try to Export the movie, but export movie always failed, It Says "Error Compiling Movie"



      now, i never can open my project, it always Froze/Hang when loading on 90%, it show Message "Sorry, a serious error has that requires Adobe Premiere Pro to shut down. We will attempt to save your current project."



      I use Adobe Premiere Pro CS3, and i ever try to change the source file folder for trick Adobe Premiere,but still not working too.

      .... I dont have back up .prproj files, the autosave .prproj file also cannot open too


      i also ever re install Adobe Premiere, but i still cannot open my Project.

      Please help me. I have big project, 80 minutes video. I can get fired if i cannt finish this video