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    TIFs don't open in Camera Raw

    hening Level 1



      TIFs do not open in Camera Raw. There seem to be 2 types: type 1 does not open, and the Open In Camera Raw menu command in Bridge is greyed out. For type 2, the command is not greyed out, but does not work. Bridge stops up, and I have to Force Quit.


      This is CS3 on Mac 10.6.2.


      I have trashed Bridge prefs 4 times in a row, as suggested by Castaneda in a different thread, and made sure that Camera Raw.plugin is installed only once (version 4.6).


      Is this one of the things that just don't work under Snow Leopard, or is there a solution?


      Kind regards - Hening.

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          hening Level 1


          Type 1 TIFs seem to be those touched upon by PS before, or maybe those developed by ACR.

          - I also emptied all the Bridge caches.


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            Jeff Schewe Level 5

            First off, JPEG & TIFF handling in CS3 was a bit of a problem in that there were preferences in 3 places Photoshop, Camera Raw & Bridge that ALL had to be correctly set...check to make sure all three preferences are in alignment telling the apps to open TIFFs in Camera Raw.


            Second, Camera Raw can NOT open ANY TIFFs that are anything other than simple flat TIFF files. If the TIFF has a layer beyond the Background layer, ACR can't (won't) deal with them. Note, as far as I know, TIFF compression of flattened TIFFs won't impact the ability to open. Also note that the ONLY supported color space are RGB and Grayscale images...pretty sure ACR won't open Lab nor CMYK TIFFs.


            Otherwise, if opening TIFF images into Camera Raw is super important to you, seriously consider updating to CS4. The preferences for TIFF handling are now ONLY in Camera Raw and the ability to open is improved–still no support for layered TIFFs though. You might also consider Lightroom 2 as you CAN import TIFF files with layers into Lightroom...

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              hening Level 1

              Hi Jeff


              thank you for your fast reply.


              In the PS3 Prefs > File Handling, I can not see an option to choose ACR for TIFFs, only for JPEGs.


              In the Bridge Prefs > File Type Associations, the drop down menu for TIFFs shows a lot of entries, some in duplicate, but no ACR.


              In the ACR prefs, I have checked "Always open TIFF files with settings using Camera Raw".


              The TIFFs I tried to open were not layered.


              Well, opening TIFFs in ACR is not super important to me (any more). What I intended to do was developing raws in Raw Developer and then use ACRs Lens Corrections, since RD does not have such ones - not explicitly, that is. However, I have found out, that RDs results with regard to chromatic aberration are at least as good, rather better than the result of my best effort in ACR. So for now, I can do without opening TIFFs in ACR.


              Kind regards - Hening.