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    Error \\Vocabulary\BlockPannel\... 252 in PE 3.0


      Hi every body,


      Would someone be so kind to help me (excuse my poor english langauge level)


      I can't create a particular DVD with Premiere Elements 3.0. with the standard bouton.

      I get the error message : Error \\Vocabulary\BlockPannel\... 212 or 252 or something like that in PE 3.0 .

      This particular movie was already well created by me in a previous version on a DVD/RW without any problem.

      Since that, I just have cut one scene and ajusted the length of some sequences and then PE crashes after 5 or 6 hours, just at the end of the coding process, I think.

      I have tested the same option with an expxort on hard disk, and ... same issue.


      In order to check if my configuration was OK, I have tried another movie (lighter : 30mn) wich have been well created on hard disk.


      Best regards.