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    New project Frame size question



      I am trying to create a new video which will include some still images and I'm having some issues with the frame size. It seems that no matter what HDV preset I choose for my project settings it states that it's a 16:9 ratio. But the video frame size is listed as 1440h x 1080v which is not a 16:9 ratio. When I import my 1620x1080 images into the project I am left with black bands on both sides of the image.


      For some reason it appears that even though it lists the video frame size as 1440x1080 it's actually 1920x1080 which is 16:9 but I'm confused as to why the video frame size is listed as something different. The 16:9 ratio is not going to be still image friendly for me. Any thoughts on this or similar experiences would be greatly appreciated.