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    Installation of Flash player 10


      I haven't been able to get onto youtube for about a month.   It keeps saying that I need to install an updated Adobe Flash player.

      I uninstalled the 7 Version and downloaded the 10 as directed.   When I check my programme status Flashplayer 10 is listed there but there is nothing stating the size of the file like all other programmes.   Everything indicates that it is installed but I still can't access youtube.

      I use Windows XP and internet explorer.    Have I installed Flash player 10 or not?

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          eidnolb onlyone Level 5

          Hi,  You didn't say what version of IE you are using. Go to Tools, click on Manage Add ons and use the down arrow to check both sections of the add ons. Look for Shockwave Flash Object.....ActiveX Control.....Flash10d.ocx and make sure it is Enabled. It may or may not list vs version of FP)  This is what youtube is looking for. The listing in

          Add/Remove (Flash Player 10 ActiveX) doesn't list the size.


          There are several versions of FP10, since most websites have updated they are looking for vs The Flash10d.ocx indicates the version listed in Add/Remove.


          Check if there is any other vs listed in the add ons of Shockwave Flash Object.




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            rockviewglen Level 1

            When I download from adobe, I ask for the latest version appropriate for you tube.  When I check my programmes, it is installed although it doesn't say what version and it doesn't list the size of the programme....it just says Flashplayer 10 with activeX.


            When I look at my add ons in internet options, it has a different version of flashplayer 10 listed. 


            I don't know what to do now.   Is this a fault of the programme?   I used internet explorer 8. Windows XP.   I have tried using firefox as well but no luck.

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              eidnolb onlyone Level 5

              Hi rockviewglen, thanks. You have an old version of the ActiveX Control in the add ons, which means when you uninstalled, it was not removed. Please go to this thread and follow the instructions that I listed in post #1.





              It is important to check the various steps in the Uninstall directions and also the troublshooting link, prior to starting them.



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                rockviewglen Level 1



                Thank you for all your help.   I have done everything as you directed and there is STILL no resolution to the problem.


                In my add ons, I now have the correct version of flashplayer 10 and in my programme file, I have the adobe download manager and Flashplayer 10.   I am still getting the same alert.


                I am now giving up.    You tube is just not that important to me that I need to spend this much time on a simple programme upgrade.

                I think someone has made a huge mistake at either adobe or you tube.


                Thanks for the advice....I appreciate it.

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                  eidnolb onlyone Level 5

                  Hi rockviewglen, Well you made progress. The only thing I would do since you received the Download manager is go to

                  Add/Remove and Remove it and then be sure to Reboot. It has caused problems by no disconnecting and it may not cause a problem now, but will when the new Flash Player update comes out. And this may be soon because the next FP

                  version is in beta now.  Same with IE, IE9 will be coming out also, not sure when.


                  In your add ons, if you have Shockwave Flash Object..  Flash10d.ocx, make sure it is Enabled. If you have that and the latest Java, Flash Player should be working for you. If you have a Java(tm)2 SSV Helper in the add ons, Disable it. Not sure why Java is still downloading it, but it is a problem.