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    Transfering Books

    spanreader Level 1

      I have just purchased a Sony ereader from my son and it had a number of books loaded....which I bought with the machine. I have registered with Digital Editions to and bought some new books from Waterstones but now I cannot access the books that were on the reader as they are shown registered to another user (my son).

      Any suggestions...can we transfer their ownership (as in buring a seocnd hand book)?

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          Jim Lester Level 4

          The books are licensed to the user (you in this case), and there is no way to transfer the license to a different user (your son).

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            spanreader Level 1

            Thank you Jim. As someone new to e-readers, I find this somewhat surprising. Ebooks are little cheaper than standard books, which you can buy, sell or exchange secondhand quite freely. I fully understand the need to prevent copyright infringement but to prevent the transfer of a fully legit licence between parties makes no sense at all and I wonder if I should have stuck to paper and print. Anyway, thank you once again.