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    Cairngorm navigation


      I'm new to Cairngorm, I'm already using Parsley for IoC and I'm looking to use the Cairngorm Navigation library but I'm having some difficulties getting it going.


      I've followed the HowToUse for Cairngorm Navigation fairly carefully but the components on my ViewStack aren't getting changed when I dispatch an event with the content destination.


      Do I need to initialize the Cairngorm Navigation extension in any way, as described here? I've blundered around trying a few things: if I try and include CairngormNavigationLib as a tag in my MXML, or use Metadata.registerMetadataClass I get errors because the compiler can't find org.spicefactory.parsley.registry.*. In fact, looking at the source code for Parsley, I can't find these classes/interfaces anywhere in the source, despite being discussed in the Parsley language reference. Is this obvious a Parsley problem or something with my setup?


      Thanks in advance for the help!