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    Merged TOC displays but topics do not

      I have a merged help problem that I wonder if anyone can help with.

      I recently inherited a merged MS WinHelp project with 10 sub-projects and, of course, all the original authors have moved on. One of the sub-projects was not displaying in the master TOC but, when I opened the project (using RH5), I quickly spotted that the reference in the TOC did not match the CHM file name and corrected it.
      CentralReception.chm::/Central_Reception.hcc (without an underscore)
      Central_Reception.chm::/Central_Reception.hcc (with)

      On regenerating the master, the TOC of the sub-project now displays correctly in the master project BUT when I select any of its topics I get a “The page cannot be displayed” error.

      I’ve noticed that when I right-click and view the properties of the topic that has failed to load, I see something like the following:
      res://shdoclc/syntax.htm# http://central_reception.chm::/Overview.htm
      where the file name appears as “central_reception.chm” all lower case.

      I know that the CHM for the sub-project is fine as it opens perfectly as a stand-alone help file with no problems when displaying the topics, and it's not picking this up from either hcc file as far as I can see nor from any easily visible project properties.
      Could it be related to someone changing the project name in the past? I've tried deleting the link, saving, regenerating the master then adding the link once more. But to no effect. Has anyone any idea what is going wrong?

      Charles Addison
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          Brian.Mccaffery Level 1
          Hello Charles,

          If it hasn't been said before, welcome to the forum.

          Check this thread which might provide the solution to your problem.


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            ChickAD Level 1
            Thanks Brian! You pointed me in the right direction. I've now got a working help file -- though I'm not 100% sure whether everything I did was necessary.

            I should perhaps say that I am fixing this help for a remote site with no previous sight of their product or help files. The merged help was placed in SourceSafe sometime back and maintained by the developers as they had no dedicated author. I think that they have been base-lining each new version of the build by copying the previous versions Help folders within Sourcesafe. Also, some very naughty people have been renaming files outside RoboHelp. When I looked in the .hhp file and .xpj file, there were some very strange paths specified in the Merged Help Files section.

            I deleted all the merged files in the .hhp and in the master TOC then saved and regenerated the project to get a clean master. Because of the thread you forwarded, I noticed that the .hcc file specified in the windows definition had incorrect capitalisation. I fixed this in the file and added $global_ to the definition as per the thread (didn't understand why I was doing this). I then renamed and regenerated the master file then renamed it back. When I added all the sub-projects again, everything worked.
            In addition, all the CHMs are now specified without paths; for example:

            [MERGE FILES]

            This also seems to have cleared up a separate problem I had been experiencing where the first topic in a sub-project would display in the help but all subsequent topics generated the error : Window name “WinPath” passed to HH_GET_WIN_TYPE has not been specified. The topics would then open a stand-alone instance of the sub-project.

            I have since noticed however that the window definition in the .hhp file has stripped off the $global_ string that I added: so did I misunderstand what was happening in the original thread and was this step necessary?

            I have one other question: during all this I deleted the merged help section within the .xpj file and replaced it with <mergedhelpfiles/>. I expected this to be repopulated when I rebuilt all the links in RoboHelp. However, it has remained empty.
            As the help file now works perfectly, what is the purpose of this section of the .xpj file?

            Thanks again for saving my sanity. I'm now going to find a baseball bat and growl at any developer who comes within 20 feet

            Charles Addison
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              ashb22 Level 1

              Does anyone know what happened to that thread? I'm having the same issue, but when I click on the link to the other thread that Brian provided, I'm taken to the main forum page.

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                RoboColum(n) Level 5

                This is a very old thread and was archived off when Adobe changed the forums awhile back. You can still search for the relevant thread though. Just use the Advanced Search feature to search the relevant forum and for the appropriate text.


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