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    no pages were selected to print

    jaybee201 Level 1

      i have recently started receiving bank statements online and am able to download fine but when i try to print a hard copy reader 9.2 tells me that the document cannot be printed in one window, and in another it tells me that no pages were selected to print.  has anyone had this problem?

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          MichaelKazlow MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          It could be that the pdf is set not to be printable. Look at the document properties (Control-D or Command-D).

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            jaybee201 Level 1

            i checked this and printing is allowed.  the bank statement deal is the only thing i have ever

            got this message on.  all other pdf files print fine.

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              KIM DOERRBECKER Level 1

              OK!, I am glad that I am not the only one experiencing this. It has been fine before this new installation.  I called support and they told me to go to www.adobe.com/go/supportportal   The only thing, I've been there, and can't seem to find any help.

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                AbhigyanModi Adobe Employee

                You've checked that you can print fine from other applications, right?

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                  KIM DOERRBECKER Level 1

                  I have. But I've uninstalled the adobe, and just printing from "preview" on my mac.

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                    JRDent Level 1

                    I am having the same problem.  I am working in an office environment and we just installed a new printer.  I can still print the same pdf to other printers (which has always worked fine and continues to do so), and I can use the new printer with other applications (Word, IE, etc.) with no problem, but I get this error message when I try to print a pdf to this printer.

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                      jaybee201 Level 1

                      yes..everything else (works, other .pdf) prints fine.

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                        ct9ski Level 1

                        Had same problem.  Uninstalled and redownloaded and now it works.

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                          jaybee201 Level 1

                          Thanks.  It works now.

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                            Echoechobrewster Level 1

                            Was having this problem with Reader 9.3.1.  None of the suggestions worked, i.e., repaired installation, uninstalled and reinstalled installation, printed from other programs successfully, tried to print from thumbnails, set printer to print as  images in advanced setting.  None of the pdf's I had in my documents would print from this version.  I finally uninstalled this version and reinstalled 8.  It printed my PDF's fine.  This was on a network printer Hp PSC 1300v.  I believe 9.3.........1 has a bug.

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                              Parilla Level 1

                              To get it to work for me I simply opened Acrobat Reader 9 from its icon in the Start Menu. After doing so it went through a "run once" setup and I was able to print fine.


                              I didn't need to do the uninstall / re-install to get things working but am guessing that something is missing from the install process that occurs during the "run once" setup, and / or the uninstall / re-install process.

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                                ITEZAS123 Level 1

                                I ran into the same problem.   The problem was that it was defaulting to print "Document and Markups", when it should have been printing just the document. 


                                I set the "Comments and Forms" drop down box to just "Document" and it resolved the problem.  May not be the fix for everyone, but that is something that is easily over looked and would be a lot easier than uninstalling and reinstalling the software.  I hope this helps!   

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                                  oakydokie Level 1

                                  I tried most all what was mentioned above and nothing worked.


                                  But then by trial and error i found if clicked on the "advanced" box into advanced print setup and ticked the "print as image" box, it would print.


                                  Hope this helps someone

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                                    thisishap Level 1

                                    I'm having this same problem as well.  It is putting me in a HUGE bind.  I cannot believe installing the newest version of Adobe Reader X would keep me from printing my map documents.  It is ridiculous!!  After reading some of the many posts, I can't believe the actual fix is to go back to the previous version.  At one time I was an owner of stock in Adobe.  I'm glad I got out.  I realize you can never account for all of the configurations that all of your users will have but in my case, the only thing different was installing Adobe Acrobat X.

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                                      korviz Level 1

                                      My issue is with a pdf i downloaded from the hp.com website.  it is a specification page for a laptop i want to purchase.  i have problems printing the pdf from the web browser and even after downloading it to my desktop i get the same issue as above.

                                      i tried all of the previously stated solutions and nothing worked.  i have never had this issue before but my guess is that the problem lies within the way the pdf was created.

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                                        Atul Agarwal Adobe Employee

                                        It seems that the issue is PDF specific and could be an issue with the way pdf is created. I would request you to please share the pdf document with us to investigate the problem.


                                        Also, let us know the version of Adobe Reader you are using. I would request you to keep your reader up to date by going to help-->Check for updates.




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                                          Atul Agarwal Adobe Employee

                                          Dear user,


                                          We have identified the issue at our end.Thanks for reporting the problem and helping us out investigating the same.



                                          Atul Agarwal

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                                            Mustangrider113051 Level 1

                                            I am running a brand new Intel chipset workstation with Windows 7 and Adobe Acrobat 9.4.7 and Adobe Reader X.  This problem began the first time I tried printing a pdf file from Adobe 9.4.7, and so far none of the fixes listed above that I have tired worked. I can create

                                            pdf files created from Office, Autocad, and several other applications. I get the same set of messages whenever I try to print from either Acrobat 9 or Reader X, no matter what pdf file I have open. I have tried it with files created using Acrobat 9 and files created in 2007

                                            using Acrobat 4 - the problem is not pdf specific, except that it applies to all the files I have tried to print so far. I find it hard to believe that a company the size of Adobe woulod let a problem this widespread continue for a year. Until now, Adobe was at the top of the list

                                            of my preferred software.

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                                              rickweaver Level 1

                                              This fixed my problem, thx!

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                                                bargainbrews Level 1

                                                When will problem be fixed. I am running version 11.0.1 and it is telling me The document can not be printed. I click OK it then says no pages were selected to print. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling an earlier version. That did not work, so I just reinstalled to newest version. I need to be able to print for work. Please fix ASAP!

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                                                  mawsy53 Level 1

                                                  I am new to this problem - it just started today!!. All has been working perfectly for me on Windows 7 Professional Service Pack 1 with Adobe Reader XI 11.0.2, which I keep updated at the latest version. Today I suddenly can't print any PDF documents to either of my printers. I can create them, view them and send them to print, but get the No Pages Selected error. I also cannot print existing documents which I previously could print. I can print other types of documents on these printers so it's not the printers. Another computer in the office uses Foxit and can print these documents no problem. Nevertheless I have tried everything including uninstalling and reinstalling Adobe and printer drivers. I did update AVG yesterday and wondered if it was related to that, but uninstalling that has not solved the problem either. Feeling desperate (as our systems use all PDF) I downloaded Foxit and found I could print with that. So - unless Adobe can come up with a solution for me guess I'm stuck with Foxit.

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                                                    pwrshift Level 1

                                                    I couldn't solf this sudden PDF printing problem on all my printers with any of the above solutions, from my PC with Windows 7 Professional, and here's how I solved it (at least for now):


                                                    1. I found that Windows was set for automatic update so I changed that to 'advise me before downloading and installing'


                                                    2. I uninstalled Adobe Reader X


                                                    3. I downloaded Adobe Reader XI


                                                    4. It worked!  And on all my printers.

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                                                      kilroy116 Level 1



                                                      I had this same problem but was able to fix the problem.  I noticed that it happened when I pulled open a PDF from a URL on the internet.  When I clicked save from the browser and saved it to my hard drive and then tried to print it, it would not work and would give me the same error.


                                                      When i tried it on different computers it didn't print, and when i tried to print other PDF documents, they printed just fine. I came to the solution that there must be something wrong with the file.  So I deleted the file and then pulled open the PDF file from the internet again.  Rather than saving it as a PDF from the internet, I clicked print and printed it as a PDF using Cute PDF Writer.  I saved it to my file location and then opened and printed and this worked perfectly.

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                                                        rockyshaw19460712 Level 1

                                                        First let me state that this is my solution on a Macintosh running 10.7.5 and Acrobat Pro X (with all the latest updates).


                                                        This problem started for me just this last weekend. I have been to every so-called solution that I could find via a Google search and NONE of these "solutions" even by the self-tagged "experts" work. PERIOD!


                                                        I decided to follow one suggestion to install Acrobat Pro 9. However, instead of uninstalling Acrobat Pro X first, I left it installed.


                                                        During the initial startup of Acrobat 9 after installation I was offered the option of installing an Extra feature called Adobe PDF Printer which allows me to "Create Adobe PDF files from any application by printing to Adobe PDF Printer". I opted in to that extra.


                                                        Once Acrobat Pro 9 had started I tested it using one of the PDF files that had failed to print with the dreaded "No pages selected......" error messages. THE FILE PRINTED AS EXPECTED!


                                                        I then decided I would uninstall Acrobat Pro X, but on a whim decided to try to print the same PDF file that had just printed using Acrobat Pro 9 one more time. IT PRINTED!


                                                        All I can figure out is that somehow selecting the option to have Acrobat Pro 9 install the option for allowing other applications to create a PDF repaired something within the Mac operating system. Just a guess.


                                                        Hope this helps someone.

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                                                          matthewsh Level 1

                                                          Having the same No Pages Selected.

                                                          This worked for me on a MAC.



                                                          1. Open the file in Adobe Reader.

                                                          2. Click "Print" within the Adobe Reader application.

                                                          3. Select "adjust to fit" if necessary.

                                                          4. Click "advanced" to bring up the advanced print settings menu.

                                                          5. Choose "print as image" and then click "OK" to save that setting.

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                                                            PixelTwisted Level 1

                                                            I had this problem (The document cannot be printed error message, and in another it tells me that no pages were selected to print.) AFTER I recently updated Acrobat Reader. I uninstalled Reader and my PDFs printed.

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                                                              Burlon Level 1

                                                              I'm having this problem and none of the proposed solutions have worked.


                                                              Adobe, what's the issue? I pay 20 bucks a month so I can miss a deadline due to some glitch!?

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                                                                pwillener Level 8

                                                                Adobe Reader is free; what exactly are you paying for?


                                                                Also, you posted in a 5-year old topic; new solutions are available, but you don't give us any details.

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                                                                  gs62448683 Level 1

                                                                  Over the past year as Adobe has increasingly tried to push the subscription model, their products have become increasingly flaky. I bought Creative Suite 6 in Jan 2015 and since then have had to de-activate and re-activate each month because even after activation it continues to think that I am using the initial trial license. Acrobat Reader (and Acrobat X) refuse to print a number of documents giving the "Unable to print document. No pages selected" messages. I am going to be trying PDFXchange and other freeware alternatives. This is a terrible disappointment from Adobe whose products I once really liked.

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