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    audio problems with Dell 9000, soundblaster card

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      I have a New Dell 9000 XPS, Windows 7, and with the factory-installed  Soundblaster Extreme card. When I try to record in Premiere 7 the timeline indicator bounces back and forth and a file is created but with no audio. The indicator will move normally with an imported sound file but no sound. Then 7 will freeze and I have to re-start 7. I have used options in Windows "control panel" to no avail. I believe that there may be a conflict with other programs like Windows Media Player or I do not have the audio settings in 7 set properly.  I can play the mp3 via Windows Media Player through the Logitech speakers and they work fine. I tried the Windows sound recorder and that will not work through the line in/out/mic jack on the sound card but will record using the mic in jack on the front of the Dell. I have not tried to import video yet but I think the results will be the same. Any ideas besides calling Dell?

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          It could be a number of things -- including an imcompatible driver, if your Windows 7 is 64-bit.


          But, assuming that's not it:


          1) Go to Windows Update and ensure you have all of the latest updates.


          2) Go the the RealTek site and ensure you have the latest RealTek HD drivers.


          3) In Premiere Elements, go to Edit/Preferences/Audio Hardware and click the button to go to the ASIO settings. Ensure that Premiere Elements is properly configured for your computer's set-up.


          The problem could also be related to the type of video file you're editing in Premiere Elements. What type of camera or camcorder did this video come from?

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            Barb__O Level 4



            .357 initially posted over in the Photoshop Elements forum and I sent him over here.


            When reading his initial post I noticed that

            -- he has a Soundblaster Extreme card installed by Dell

            -- he has some success and some failures using Windows sound recorder


            So I wonder if he should contact Dell, since it is a new PC with Windows 7?


            Of course it could also be some setting in PE 7 that causes a freeze, but as you mentioned it could also be obsolete drivers (in this case, I think Soundblaster rather than Realtec).

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              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

              Excellent points, Barb.


              For what it's worth, 95% of the time these things are easily solved by either updating the driver or changing the ASIO settings -- so I'm hoping it's an easy enough fix that he won't need to contact Dell or Adobe. (The other 5% of the time, it's usually the video or audio file itself that's incompatible.)

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                Thanks for the reply, Steve. I can always count on you and Chuck! I imported the first video and the sound track would not play. I had thought about updates for the sound card but who would think that would be necessary with a new computer? You were right. 22 updates! Now I have audio but cannot record and same problem when I try. Stutters and freezes. I will play with the new controls downloaded with the update and will post more. I really don't know what to change in preferences, you would have to guide me. I don't think it is a problem with Premiere. If I continue to have problems with the Mic I will call Dell. Before the updates, a video on Microsoft would not play audio but youtube would. Go figure! More later!

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                  Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                  It's impossible for me to tell you how to configure your ASIO settings in Premiere Elements because I don't know how your hardware is configured (e.g., which speaker outputs you're using). You'll have to figure that one out on your own.


                  But, assuming you're using a compatible video file (first and foremost), that and your updates should definitely fix it.

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                    Letmethink Level 1

                    As Steve mentioned,  In Premiere Elements, go to Edit/Preferences/Audio Hardware and click the button to go to the ASIO settings. When you open ASIO settinngs, check Input devices, there will be checkIn option for Sound Blaster. Please check and same check for Output setting.Hopefully this will solve your Audio problem.


                    For Video issue (CTI jump back and forth), as you have new system, there might be chance that you do not have MPEG codec. Install some DVD player or MPEG codec and then relaunch the application. Share your findings.

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                      the_wine_snob Level 9

                      If all available ASIO settings have been tried, with no success, you might want to look into the freeware driver, ASIO4ALL. I use it for my Creative 24-bit Live card for DD 5.1 SS audio. This little driver has solved so many problems for so many. Many of those have regular audio gear, and some have pretty high-end, esoteric equipment. It's worked for many, where nothing else would.


                      Good luck,



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                        Thanks, Bill, Steve and everyone who replied. I did try the installation of asio4all and that has not helped. After the 22 updates to this sound card, and "fooling around" ( I say that because of my very limited knowledge of audio settings) in preferences I do now have audio on the timeline. However, the problem remains with recording and the file created is blank, and of course, no sound level meter movement. From what reviews I have read (Amazon) about this card, it is a SORRY card! Many complained about no line in/ mic. So, I guess I had better call Dell. Steve was right about the updated being most of the problem. When, and if, I get Premiere 7 running properly again ( No problems at all on my other computer, now running earlier versions of Adobe) I will post the result. If it comes to a defective/incompatible sound card I will ask Dell for the "standard production" card and return this Extreme and then do research and select another card. Any sound card suggestions to use with these Logitech Z-2300 speakers?


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                          Dealing with Dell is SO much a pain! I would rather

                          be shot at sunrise! After 3 hours

                          on the phone and a couple of disconnects ( that is not unusual !) a Tech rep did confirm my suspicions that the Soundblaster is defective. I could still return this new computer (21 days to return). Thanks to that leverage I was able to get Dell to give me a credit and I ordered from Dell a Asus Xonar (Dell#A1762784) because after reading the Soundblaster reviews, Soundblaster has many problems. So, after the card is installed I will, hopefully, make a final post. Bill, I have saved the download you suggested because from previous experience with you, you know what you are talking about! I hope I made a good choice and the Dell Tech said that it would work fine with Windows 7. Asus, from all the reviews I have read , is a really good card. Thanks, guys!

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                            the_wine_snob Level 9



                            I am surprised by the dealings with Dell. I've never had one, but have heard good things about their T/S group. Maybe not always...


                            Over the decades, I have had Creative Soundblaster cards, and have never had an issue. This goes back to the DOS days, when audio was first introduced for the PC. Still, in the last 5 years, many have had issues with various SB cards. I had to use ASIO4ALL to get the full support of my SB Live 24-bit with PrPro, and Audition, but like I said, so many have found it the cure for very many problems and with some major expensive audio hardware. I probably recommend that more than any utility on the Audition forum, and also on the PrPro forum. The danged thing just seems to work in most cases.


                            M-Audio probably gets more recs., than most other cards, until one gets into the US$1500 range, though I have yet to use one. BTW - ASIO4ALL has helped a lot of M-Audio users too!


                            Good luck, and hope that Dell comes through for you. Sorry that they did not step up immediately with a better replacement card, and even offer to install it for you. Hey, Adobe used to have stellar T/S once too.


                            Let us know how it goes. If necessary, I can post my ASIO settings for my laptop's Realtek and for my workstation's Creative SB Live 24-bit w/ ASIO4ALL.



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                              Thanks for the reply, Bill. Like I said a few years ago, I did not even have a PC until 6 years ago, ( I'm 66) and I could not even spell Komputar then! I did slam Dell a little,  but then, I did buy another one. Dell's support is as good, I guess, as any support you can get these days. Depends on who you get to talk to. One Customer Service guy (India) would not even replace the sound card with a like card! But then, after that, I was so mad I was going to return the whole system and in "returns" a lady was very nice and allowed a $100 credit to my account and I then ordered the card of my choice. I could not do without you, Steve, Chuck, and many others on this Forum. I learn more every day, most the "hard" way. I would like to ask a question about using a Star tech firewire card (32 bit) with this new Dell with 64 bit Windows 7, will it work? That may be a stupid question , but like I said, I am still learning (and always will be). I have many skills and thank God for them every day and I, too, try to help others in any way I can. Here are some of my skills


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                                I would like to ask a question about using a Star tech firewire card (32 bit) with this new Dell with 64 bit Windows 7, will it work?


                                Good question, and one that I cannot help with. I have zero knowledge, or experience, with that card. Maybe others can help there, but I cannot - sorry.


                                I would assume that with Dell's reputation, they will have explored various audio cards, and I would hope that they settled on the best card that they could source. Still, decisions like that often are predicated on the prices available to the company. Just like Memorex buying blank media from the cheapest source - sometimes the media is good, and sometimes it is not. It's like the old adage from the earliest days of space travel - how comforting is it to the astronaut to know that every part on the lunar lander was supplied by the lowest bidder?


                                I also agree that getting the right person with C/S, or T/S, can make all of the difference in the world. The concept of "customer service" is just flat lost on all too many folk in those positions. All of the slick ads and brochures in the world cannot make up for one bad experience with C/S, or T/S. Adobe is learning this valuable lesson, and has recently vowed, in print, to make major changes. Back when Ritz-Carlton won their first Malcolm Baldrige Service Award, I had the pleasure of dining with their then CEO. I asked what led to that award. His words still resonate with me, "our philosophy is that we are ladies and gentlemen, working with ladies and gentlemen, to insure their ultimate satisfaction."


                                Good luck, and please let us know how the new audio card works for you. It might become my recommendation for others?



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                                  I will post the results, Hunt, after testing the new card. I had always heard that Dell used the cheaper components but I don't know that is true. After this experience with Soundblaster/Creative I did a lot of research on this card, as I mentioned earlier. I had researched the graphics card but not the soundcard, my mistake. As I mentioned earlier, about 80% had problems with Soundblaster cards and customer service and many were VERY angry!. I bet Dell is having a lot of problems with this card too. I also read that the quality has just recently gone downhill. I guess that is why you have been pleased with Creative in the past. I don't think it would hurt to install that 32 bit firewire card and try it. I read somewhere that a 64 bit driver could be downloaded. Maybe I will just contact Star Tech and see.  

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                                    Here is the latest! After about 6 hours on the phone with Dell, including 4 hang-ups/disconnects and waiting, I have (supposedly) a replacement computer on the way. I did try an Asus sound card and the results were exactly the same. When I removed all programs that I installed, I tried the Windows Sound Recorder and the recorded audio could barely be heard and the recording sounded as if something was "shorted". Motherboard? One Tec Rep said that Premiere 7 might have a compatibility with Windows 7. I did not buy that. What do you think, guys? I just hope Dell does as promised and sends the new computer. This has been a nightmare and I will buy my next computer locally and it will most likely not be a Dell just because of the terrible customer service. Everyone is from India. Not that there is anything wrong with that! (Jerry Seinfield) I used Poulderbits Sound Recorder and Premiere for 6 years on my old computer, Dell 4700 with never a problem. Of course, that was Windows XP. If, and when, all this is resolved, I'll be back to post.

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                                      I received the new replacement Dell 9000 XPS computer 2/4/2010. Dell did not give any notice at all that the computer would arrive via Fedex. When I made the comment in a previous post about everyone in Customer Service at Dell being from India I did not mean that to be racial. What I meant by that is that their dialect is very hard to understand for this old Southern boy! I do not have a strong Southern "drawl" but I am sure they don't really understand me either. Dell Customer Service is very hard to communicate with for that reason. I made a lot of calls ( recorded!) before I was assured that, yes, a new computer was on it's way. Dell will not send an e-mail to confirm ANYTHING after the initial sale! The new computer, so far, is working fine and at first I did have some pops and clicks when recording to the timeline. I did download ASIO4ALL again as Bill Hunt recommended and the pops and clicks did go away. I don't know enough about audio to know for sure that ASIO4ALL helped. Anyway, so far so good. There is some very slight background "hum" with this Creative sound card (oem installed) but I can live with that. All other programs, like "Poulderbits Sound Recorder" are working now as well. Poulderbits is a great little recorder to record anything coming out of your PC speakers, like Youtube or on-line radio and you can easily make your own mp3's with this. Bottom line....would I buy Dell again? Too soon to tell. I think that if I were to buy Dell again I would buy from a local store so that if there were major problems one could return it easily.

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                                        the_wine_snob Level 9



                                        You have been through the wringer. Being a "son of the old South" myself, I understand. I find it very difficult to understand many of the heavy accents from the T/S call-centers around the globe. Same for the taxi drivers in DC... . I'd rather wade through strong Southern drawl, all "drippin' with honey," than some of what I hear, especially if the person is on one of those headsets - just pick up the phone dang-it!


                                        Glad that things are looking up. Now, hum is often induced by an improperly seated connector. This could be internal, or maybe with Line In, Mic In or Speaker Out. It could be just needing to be pushed in 100%, or might be as simple as dirt/grease on the connector. First thing that I would check would be all external connections. I use a spray can of "contact cleaner" from the electronics parts store. Mine come with a flex-tube and use carbon-tetrachloride, which cleans the contacts and evaporates VERY quickly. A clean cloth on all male plugs is also a good idea, as is NEVER touching the contact areas of the plug - fingerprints can be very oily. If these are all good and snug, and the hum persists, you might want to pop the case (on a laptop, this really differs by case), and look for the audio chip/card. If there are any wires (non soldered) with connectors, make sure that they are secure. If it's a card, plugged into a bus, then carefully remove it, and wipe the connectors with a clean cloth. If there is any deposit, a light rub of a pencil eraser (not an ink eraser, as most of these has a fine coating of gold, and you do not want to abrade that) will clean those. Do this away from the computer, as there could be eraser debris, and you don't really want that in the case, or in the bus. Reseat the card, and reattach any connectors.


                                        Now, if the hum is from the circuitry of the chip/card, there is not much that can be done.


                                        Good luck, and I hope that the hum is just a slightly loose connection.



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                                          Thanks for the tips, Bill.  I used WD-40 for years in the Auto business for electronic/ connectors for years. I used to use Radio Shack's contact cleaner but found WD-40 to be superior. The only possible downside is that a lubricant film is left that might attract dust. If you recall, some time ago, I was having a video import problem that was driving me crazy! Long story short, it turned out to be a damaged firewire connector in the Sony camcorder and I replaced that myself. Since then I periodically lube all camera cables, usb's ect. to help avoid connector damage.  I have never seen WD-40 damage any kind of plastics but it is also great for removing sticker residue. I too, have used erasers. Don't mean to sound like a know-it-all. I sure have a lot to learn from you (and other Forum members) about video/ audio. I will go over all contacts as you suggested. One downside that I just discovered with the Creative Media/ Soundblaster is that the Poulderbits recorder that I just installed in the second, new computer( xps 9000, Windows 7) will not let me record on-line radio, Youtube ect. My 5-year old Dell 4700 sound card  (oem cheapie) works flawless with all devices. I am STILL not impressed with Soundblaster! Thanks, again!

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                                            the_wine_snob Level 9

                                            I also use WD-40 for lubricating and some cleaning tasks, but have never applied it to electronics connections. I also use a silicon spray, packaged by Toyota, for certain lubricating jobs.


                                            For larger connections, I apply a pricey liquid, Tweak, but as it has strong conductive properties, I would fear that it's polymers might span an insulator, or cause some other problem with tiny connections. For my home theater set ups, I dab each connector with that stuff. Do not know if it's still available from esoteric audio stores (are there many of those still left?), but luckily that tiny bottle has lasted me over 20 years. Good thing, as it cost more than many of my wife's perfumes, even the ones she picks up in London, or Paris. I think that I paid about US$45 for 0.5oz back in about 1978! A little goes a long way.


                                            Interesting about the two computers and the differences in the program. Now, is your Creative a PCI card, or a chip with the Creative software and some tweaks to comply? The reason that I ask is one machine has a Creative card, and another has a Realtek chip, but uses the Creative drivers, console and even has a Creative L-bracket for external connections. Actually, when I took delivery of that workstation, I looked forever to find the Creative 5.1 SS card. Finally called the tech, and he explained that it was really an embedded specialty chip done to work with the Creative drivers and software. Until then, Creative meant a card in a bus, and all embedded chips were usually just plain Realtek. That was the box that I first used ASIO4ALL on, and it brought everything together. I had picked up the tip in the Audition forum, and after my experiences, began recommending it. I was amazed how many it helped, and with some major heavy-duty equipment, that would not function without it. They had found a fan in me.


                                            Good luck, and if you do find the hum, or get that recording software sorted out on the other box, please report. I'm curious.



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                                              Bill...The oem sound card in the 4700 is Soundmax and

                                              the oem factory installed pci card in the 9000 is Creative, Soundblaster. I don't know if the Poulderbits trial version will change when I buy it and/or if it "configures" to each PC.  I'll know soon.

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                                                the_wine_snob Level 9

                                                [Deleted by Bill Hunt - duplicate post by different personae]

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                                                  Got you - both are full cards.


                                                  Good luck with the recording software,



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                                                    Well, the forum went wonky at 5:00PM AZT (Arizona Time) today. My first post did not post, and the Adobe forum shut down. Then, I could not log in, but my alter-ego seems to have done so. When I finally got the forum back, I see that he and I had the same post. Interesting, as I never left the Adobe.com page, until I got Bill Hunt back. I just KNEW that Adobe liked him, better than me.


                                                    Sorry about that,



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                                                      Maybe your luck is like mine, Hunt!  If I buy anything new there is a very good chance something will be wrong with it! I have trouble with everything! Maybe that is the reason I have been divorced since 1974!  Anyway,  I am so used to living that way that I have become used to that. Here is a follow up on the Poulderbits /sound Card problems. Poulderbits confirmed that the options that appear vary on the installed  recorder based on the soundcard and software. One thing I failed to mention ( I AM NOT a Poulderbits salesman!) is that Poulderbits has a free 7 day trial. Poulderbits made some suggestions and tweaks to be able to record on-line radio. I will play around with the options and settings and I may eventually buy a cheap sound like is used in my Dell 4700 if I have to. I just have a woofer and 2 tweeters so dropping to a cheaper card would probably not affect the quality much. My sound system on the 4700 sounds plenty good enough.


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                                                        Bill Hunt! This should be coming to a close now. I do have a couple of questions that maybe you can answer. I cannot find the Control Panel for ASIO4ALL ( with Windows 7) anywhere! I did a re-install and still could not find the panel. Also, do you know of any software that would automatically detect which sound device you are using and automatically change the drivers? I did get Poulderbits to record on-line radio by switching from the Soundblaster driver to the Poulderbits driver. Thanks to you, Steve, and others for you/their input on these issues!

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                                                          ASIO4ALL does not have a control console. It is "pointed to" as the ASIO driver in programs' consoles or Preferences. In PrE (and PrPro), it will be in Edit>Preferences>Audio Hardware>ASIO Settings (or very similar syntax, depending on the version). Once one installs, and reboots, it will be available in the drop-down choices. I set mine for both Input & Output in PrPro. I can do a screen-cap from that machine, for PrPro, but it's probably easier to just go to the ASIO settings screen in your version of PrE. In ASIO Settings, you'll have a drop-down, and will (or should) see ASIO4ALL as one of the choices there.


                                                          I know of no automatic driver replacement utility, but that does not mean that such is not available. To tell what you have, go to Start>Run and type "dxdiag," without the quotation marks. You'll get  a screen with several tabs. Look at Sound 1 - Sound 3 (you may have more, or fewer), and also at Music. For hardware devices, you can also go to Control Panel>System>Hardware>Device Manager and then open up all of your Audio "stuff."


                                                          Hope that this helps.


                                                          Good luck,



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                                                            I should have said "switch" the drivers for you (not install) automatically when you change programs like to Poulderbits and to Premiere ect. I have to go to the sound control panel to do that when I want to leave Premiere to record on-line radio and vice-versa. Thanks, Hunt!

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                                                              the_wine_snob Level 9



                                                              Thanks for the clarification.


                                                              BTW - if you could use a screen-cap for PrPro and the Audio Hardware>ASIO settings, reflecting ASIO4ALL, just let me know. I only have ASIO4ALL on the workstation, and do not have PrE on it, but things will be very similar. I doubt that you'll need it, but if you do, yell.


                                                              Good luck,