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    Wind Gust noise on mic, what filter best to kill this ?



      Is there anything I can drag drop or other method onto the Audio to kill the noise of wind gust on mic ?

      Even a separate mic ( I have a Rode mic) sometimes is unable to eliminate such, but filming when only the inbuilt mic was available sees this annoying spoiling of the sound track in need of something clever that spots sudden bursts of sound and reduces them right down.

      It may need its start stop limits being controlled rather than being applied to the entire audio clip.


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          Matt Petersen Level 3

          Wind noise is a bummer, which is why people go to great lengths to kill it during production. First things first, get your self a good "dead kitty" and monitor your captured sound carefully through good cans. We use Rode's "dead cat/dead kitty" but whatever you can get your hands on. forget black foam, doesn't work well outdoors.


          Because wind noise can cover a wide frequency range, you almost always have to attack it manually. You might have better luck bumping that sound out into Audition to look at the spectral frequency display to help you out. Then use judicious EQ to lower frequency bands in which the noise occurs.


          If you're lucky enough that some wind noise doesn't co-incide with dialogue, just isolate that sound and wind it back a bit.


          You have your work cut out for you. This is one of those things that's better fixed before you "hit the button".



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            i_prefer_apple Level 1

            Hi, I have to post here to pass an assignment for school. So here is my first post.


            Wind noise is impossible to get rid of with a filter, you are best off to ADR the dialogue if it's obscured by wind. And buy a really good mic/windsock combo as the person above me stated.


            If you want to try to fix it, try doing an EQ shelf for lo-freq at 100Hz and work downwards from there. Kill it at the sharpest roll off the program has (generally about 24dB is the steepest). Then move the sliders until it cuts off that low windy rumble. If you don't usually do audio this will take you a little while to work out. Vocal range is usually about 150dB to around 4kHz with the main freq about 1-2k. So don't cut out these frequencies or your person will sound boxy. Deep baritone male is lower, so be careful.


            If it's not vocals, just replace SFX with your own foley or SFX pack you've got.


            And maybe get a mic with a roll-off filter built in... that way you can skip lo-freq EQing forever.


            PS, try not to use Audacity- you really do get what you pay for with programs and that one is free. There are better options out there, but they are sold by rivals to Adobe, so do some research.

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              Try using "Vocal Enhancer" on your audio if your effected audio contains dialogue.  I had this horrible wind noise in my sound when my talent was talking and this seemed to be the only thing that actually made a SIGNIFICANT difference and actually saved my audio.