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    audio narrative throughout project


      Is there a way to have one audio file play through the entire project and have different slides/states play over the audio file? I have a 3 minute audio file that I want to have animations play over but with different graphics and charts. Sort of like an animated slide show. I'm hoping to avoid having to split up the audio file into multiple pieces.

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          acath Level 4

          Hi Chunga,


          Here's what I'd suggest



          1.  Import your audio clip as an MP3 or FLV file.

          2.  Create an action sequence. You can do this on load by selecting nothing and then clicking "Add interaction" in the interactions panel. Instead of "Play transition to state", choose "Play action sequence".

          3.  Create a sound effect during your action sequence. In the timeline panel, click "Add Action > Play Sound Effect". Then choose your sound effect.

          4.  Add other effects to the timeline as needed. You should probably make all your slides the states of a custom component, and then add "Set Component State" actions during your action sequence.



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            chungabean Level 1



            Any suggestions on how to add a player interface around it so that someone can stop and pause the audio/animation?