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    List: Scrolled item's label not visible. Help!


      I've created a subclass of List so that I can scroll through the list without the use of scrollbars.  The test application is spin-off of the List sample app.  But when using the buttons to scroll down or up, some of the items in the list are not being shown properly.




      Does anyone know how get the labels of the list items to refresh themselves, or, is there a better approach for performing the manual scrolling so that this doesn't happen?


      Here is the code I'm using to do the scrolling. This is in the subclass of List...


                  public function scrollUp(timerEvent:TimerEvent):void {
                      if (_position > 0) {
                          _position = _position - 1;
                          scrollVertically(_position, 1, false);
                      } else {




      Attached are the files ManuallyScrolledList.mxml and the application that drives it.


      Thanks in advance for any comments or suggestions.