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    Stop Running this script?


      I am using RH8 (8.0.2) on XP Pro. and have a table with 475 rows and 3 columns.

      All the rows include dropdown text in one cell and the table is sortable (sortable.js) across all 3 columns.

      I am using the Jesse Brossard script to use Show/Hide Expanding Text from Mr Grainge's web site (but am not using the arrowright.gif graphic).

      Because the table is 'so large' I am getting (in IE8) the message:

      Stop running this script?

      A script on this page is causing Internet Explorer to run slowly ...


      If I click 'No', the script continues running and then repeats the message. The show expanding text is working but I haven't bothered to see how many times I have to click the 'No' button to see ''all'' the expanding text.


      My output is WebHelp and I wondered if I have any options to avoid the 'Stop running this script' message?