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    internet counter

      hi all
      i would like to know how many times my internet based program has been ran. is there a way to creat a counter in a text file (that is located somewhere over the internet) or something?
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          duckets Level 1
          The 'proper' way of doing this would be to have a server side scripting language (such as PHP), to record the number for your counter on the server. It could either use a database for this, or read and write the number to a plain text file on the server.

          However, you may also be able to 'cheat', by using a free hit counter on a special page on your server, and have your internet program request that special page using the lingo command 'getnettext()'.

          free hit counters:

          hope this helps!

          - Ben
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            _lw Level 1
            here is a litte demo that uses a php script and a textfile to count. in the download is a simple director movie to show how it works with "getnettext".

            When you upload the files to your webspace, make sure the file "n.txt" has the proper CHMOD settings. (should be 646 in this case, otherwise the text file can't be changed)
            here is the online demo:

            You can use this free editor software to write and see colored php code (not only php). Take a look at the help to find some php resources where the commands are explained.


            hope this is a little help to get started on this interesting topic.

            not to forget this link: