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    Can you burn an AVCHD DVD using Premiere Pro 4.1?

    DareCinema Level 1

      Alright I've been hunting the forums and net for a few hours on this one question.


      I import my AVCHD video files using Sony Picture Motion Browser for the HDR SR-12 using the full HD setting (1920x1080i) I then pull these into Premiere 4.2.1 and have created an edit, my question is, it possible to output to an AVCHD DVD i.e. a standard DVD-R with the AVCHD edit on it from Premiere/Encore?


      It's easy to burn clips straight to AVCHD DVD using Sony PMB, but not an edited file.


      I realize there are no menus possible if you do it this way, but I have an AVCHD capable DVD deck and an HD Capable screen and would really like to see how this looks. Anybody know any tricks or workarounds for this? It seems that this would be sadly lacking if it was not possible or simply an effort to force one to adapt the entire workflow to Blu-Ray for HD content which I am not prepared to do.


      I am assuming that if you could export the same file type that came in (i.e. AVCHD .mts files) that you could then have Sony PMB burn it to AVCHD DVD but I haven't figured out how to export it as such as there is only Blu-Ray output options.


      Any help, tips or tricks would be appreciated!!!!