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    application run problem on intranet

    sudarshan1413 Level 1

      Hi ...This is Sudarshan I am getting problem in client server communication please see if you can help me
      Here are the details



      suppose i am having one datagrid and i want to fill the datagrid from server... i am using XAMPP and php.....with flex.....it is working fine with localhost but when i try to retrive the same through other pc ..through LAN ..the flash player opens but it is not retriving data and also not  giving any error message.I have also pasted cross domain file and my project in XAMPP server root (htdocs) ,still the same error coming on client machine . like where is aip address of pc where xampp server is running. It works when i access this link from the same pc but when i access the link from another pc it opens the .swf file without any error but it does not retrieve data from server as it does on server machine

      I have also tried putting crossdomail.xml and -use-network=false but still it does not work

      please help me ...reply as soon as possible


      Thanks in advance