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    CS3 + Win 7 64 + Quad Core = Rendering nightmare


      I really need some help here.


      I installed Win 7 Ultimate 64 with 8 GB ram and a Q6600 quad core processor. I have a WD Caviar black 7200 RPM HD with 32 meg buffer as my OS drive and two WD 7200 160 GB HDs in RAID 0 as a video drive. Im also using a EVGA GTX275 Nvidia card with 868MB RAM and the latest driver.


      I have some serious concerns about Premiere Pro CS3s abiltity to render in Win7.


      Here is the video I am attempting to render. I am making a Star Wars type intro with rolling text. I have two rolling text titles (each on their own layer) over a starfield video (on its own layer) that is being held on the INPOINT (the star field is). One rolling title starts where the other ends in order to give the effect of one long rolling title off to the far distance.


      When I render this....and while watching my CPU Usage gadget, all four cores peg at 100%. Thats good. However, the render takes forever..and crawls. Sometimes it ticks off one frame per second. To make a segment that runs about 1min 30secs, its takes a good 8-10 mins to render. All the while, the four cores show 100%.


      What is the problem? Ive tried to defrag. I tried to turn off Aero. Ive run it AS ADMINISTRATOR. Ive run CS3 in XP SP2 mode etc. Nothing. There is no way it can be this slow to render that. Overall, I think I see slow renders in other areas too. And the previews themselves, are choppy.


      Tell me there is a fix or a patch or something. This is ridiculous.