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    Transparent background in AIR Application clicks through If

    Max Nylin

      I have created a new project on wich I want a totally transparent background. The problem is that when i click this transparent background when running my application the click goes traight through and hits the application behind, makes a switch from my application to the one i hit. Is it possible to have a transparent bavkground that is still clickable?


      I've tried an ugly solution by adding a small 1x1px sqare that follows the mouse whereever it goes, when i click i hit this little square and not the transparent background. The thing is that this square isn't allways under the mouse when moving it fast, so it won't work. I may try to set the FPS of the application to 100 or whatever, but this doesnät feel like the right approach.


      If you want to know more, read my other thread at http://www.actionscript.org/forums/showthread.php3?t=227289.


      Thanks in advance / Max