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    Exporting GIF from FireWorks CS4 -- what am I doing wrong?

    spot-on Level 1

      Novice user of FireWorks, but no novice to web graphics.   I'm runnng into an extremely annoying issue when exporting  graphics as GIF from FireWorks. If I select GIF Adaptive 256 in the Optimization palette, the resulting graphic has banding in the background gradient.  However, if I select PNG in the Optimization palette, then pull the PNG into photoshop and save as GIF Adaptive 256, it's perfect (see attached for samples of a graphic exported from FireWorks as GIF, the same file exported as PNG, and then the PNG brought into Photoshop and Save for Web as GIF -- the GIF exported directly from FireWorks is very choppy, the one from Photoshop is not). I am exporting from FireWorks by choosing File > Export... > Images Only.


      Prior to acquiring CS4, I did all web graphics in Photoshop. While I like FireWorks much better due to all the great page/state/vector tools, it seems really stupid to have to export as PNG, then post-process to GIF in Photoshop (to say nothing of it being a time sink).


      Is GIF considered completely outdated these days and I should just use PNG for everything?


      If GIF is still used, what should I be doing differently in optimization/export?