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    SWF Slideshow

      Hi Everyone,

      I've created a slideshow where SWFs load externally into the main file. When one SWF's animation is completed, next SWF gets loaded.

      Problem: If the animation in any particular SWF is created on Stage (ie. on main timeline) then we can easily know its completion while knowing its currentframe == totalframes. But in case of SWFs which have dynamic animation and obviously would have 3 or 4 frames, here the code fails. It loads next SWF before previous one is finished as we are dependent on seeking totalframes.

      Can we check out somehow if the running SWF is actually completed, no matter the animation is within Movie Clips or created with the help of programming?

      Quick replies would be highly appreciable.

      Looking for the response as quickly as possible.

      Rohit Arora
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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          only if you can add code to the external swfs.
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            Rohit.Arora Level 1
            I appreciate your valuable reply buddy.

            But that is the only problem, we can't edit any SWF otherwise there wouldn't have been any problem. Basically, client would load the SWFs externally of anyone's, so you cannot predict what that particular SWF may contains.

            My client is getting very desperate to have this working anyhow. Could you please suggest anything else?

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              SymTsb Level 2
              are you using any listeners of any kind? you may be able to play around with them to control the environment but even then at least with AS2, it's still a matter of consequence and anything could happen that prevents an animation completing before another starts to load.
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                Rohit.Arora Level 1
                Nope I am not using any listeners. There is a very simple code which checks when the currentframe is equal to totalframes of that SWF. I don't think making use of listeners can actually solve this problem. Whereas environment is concerned, what do you exactly mean by that. Do you have any solution in that regard? OR have you ever created something like this before?
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                  SymTsb Level 2
                  Most of my projects are done in just AS. I do a lot of forward thinking during designing and usually use listeners to control when stuff fires off etc. Environmentally, I mean that a slower computer isn't going to process your animation as you'd expect and it is possible for the code to finish executing way before the actual animation completes. Try as you may, its hard to account for these sorts of things.
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                    kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP
                    there's no way, in general, to determine when unknown actionscript completes execution.

                    you can determine if there are any movieclips, for example, that are changing any of their properties. but if you determine that no movieclips are changing any of their properties over a given timespan, that will not guarantee those properties may start to change one millisecond or one hour after you checked.
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                      Rohit.Arora Level 1
                      Thanks all for your co-operation !!!
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                        kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP
                        you're welcome.