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    How to prevent the TextArea to get focus


      Hi, I am working with the keyboard events and want to prevent the TextArea control to get focus when user uses mouse. I think I set all possible properties of the control, but nevertheless when I click the mouse over it, it gets the focus:






           import flash.events.FocusEvent;



           public function onFocus(event:FocusEvent):void {


                trace ("I am in focus");










      <mx:TextArea id="xmlField" width="100%" height="50%"    
      styleName="detailText" text="{PLEASE_WAIT}"
      verticalScrollPolicy="auto" horizontalScrollPolicy="off"
      mouseFocusEnabled="false" mouseEnabled="false"
      tabEnabled="false" focusEnabled="false" focusIn="onFocus(event);"
      selectable="false" editable="false"/>


      I use Flex SDK 3.3 and Adobe AIR 1.5.