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    painting problems

    cpt toolpants

      hey everybody. im using illustrator to redesign the logo for my company. ive never used it before and have a question that maybe someone can answer. I have outlined my whole logo but now i want to fill in the color but im having problems because of the way the paint bucket tool works. I am trying to find a way to make it fill in an enclosed area and not fill in a path. basically i want the paint bucket to work like it does in MS Paint, photoshop or gimp....but i need the file to be a .ai file so that there is no resolution assigned to it. is there a way to change the properties of the paths so that this will work or change the way the paint bucket works?




      ps its illustrator 8 that i have...we hardly ever use it at our work so we never bought a newer version.

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          Jacob Bugge MVP & Adobe Community Professional



          basically i want the paint bucket to work like it does in MS Paint ...


          Which it does not.


          You need to have a closed path for each colour. In many/most cases, the best way is to redraw the logo with the Pen Tool, drawing over the locked image and ending each path where it started.


          An image would help the helpers give further suggestions.

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            cvreeland Level 1

            Every object in Illustrator is assigned a stroke and fill color. You don't need to use the paint bucket to fill an object with color -- simply select the object with the selection tool at the top left of the tool panel, (assuming you've closed the path when you drew it by ending where you began) then at the bottom of the tool panel, change the fill from none to whatever color you'd like.


            There are two overlapping rectangles at the bottom of the tool panel -- one repesenting the stroke color, and one representing the fill color of the selected object. Clicking on the fill box in the tool panel will bring it forward, then you can build a color out of cmyk, or select one from the swatches panel, and this will fill the selected object.

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              cpt toolpants Level 1

              thanks for your help guys. i figured out what the problem was.


              because my drawing was a combination of the elipse tool and the pen tool i never connected the ends of each line where i changed tools. im not used to this whole path thing. i was expecting it to work differently.


              thanks again



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                Jacob Bugge MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                For my part you are welcome, Kevin.


                Illy is different.