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    Creating PDF Portfolio  in ES2.

    PraveenKumar D Level 1

      Hi  ,


      I have created DDX  file and  previewed the same in Assembler Descripter   editor , am  able to create PDF portfolio  and save it  into local system.


      The DDX  :


      <DDX xmlns="http://ns.adobe.com/DDX/1.0/">
        <PDF result="Untitled 1">
            <Navigator source="mysrc"/>
            <ColorScheme scheme="pinkScheme"/>
            <PDF source="sourcePDF1"/>
            <PDF source="sourcePDF2"/>
        <?ddx-source-hint name="mysrc"?>
        <?ddx-source-hint name="sourcePDF1"?>
        <?ddx-source-hint name="sourcePDF2"?>



      Used above DDX  file to genarate  the PDF Portfolio thru Activity  "AssemblerService -  Invoke DDX ", I  hope I genarated the PDF Portfolio, but i  don't know how to   retrive  the  PDF portfolio from AssemblerResult output Variable.


      I  got same log files in both  cases ....So  assuming  that Process created PDF Portfolio.


      But I dont know how to  get the PDF portfolio from AssemblerResult and store into local system.


      Please help  me to get PDF Portfolio from AssemblerRequest  output variable.


      Attached AssemblerResult as attachment.




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          AnkitY Level 2



          Please try this xpath "/process_data/assemblerResult/object/documents[1]". Assign this to a local document variable.


          Since AssemblerResult/object/documents is a map of successful documents from the DDX job. Another approach could be to use get-map-values-for-keys function.




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            Hodmi Level 4

            I've always done it in a two step process (done all in one setValue operation):


            1 - assign the resulting documents to a Map[document] object using the xpath:

            /process_data/myMap =   /process_data/assemblerResult/object/documents

            2 - get the correct response from the map.  The map's key name will be the same as is in your DDX's result tag.  In your case "Untitled 1"

            /process_data/@myDoc = /process_data/myMap[@id="Untitled 1"]


            With ES2 you can include the /process_data/@myDoc right in the DDX


            <DDX xmlns="http://ns.adobe.com/DDX/1.0/">
              <PDF result="process:///process_data/@myDoc">