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    Do I need more Ram?

    zjimbo Level 1

      Using CS4 and the project gets bigger and bigger. It is now up to 85min of busy HD; effects, transitions, 60 title my templates.  I have to restart fairly often to keep from crashing.  If I catch it in time then nothing is lost, but....


      The more I add to the project the slower my computer runs.


      That makes sence, but what I am wondering is that a symptom of needing more ram?


      Currently, Vista 64 bit, 8GB ram.


      I have three sata HHD's, a dual core processor, and a new evea video card. I can find out the modeol, but for now it is pretty fast with good memory.


      Thanks Jim

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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          Run the http://ppbm4.com benchmark and submit the results to Bill. It will show you where you system can be improved and how it performs in relation to other systems.

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            Fighting Sticks Level 2

            A big HD 85 minute project with all the trimmings it sounds like.  You could get a whip and beat the PC, it might make it go faster BUT probably not.  You've got a big iceburg there and of course as you continue to add more and more be sure it will continue to slow and slow until the project becomes untenable.  Break the project down into shorter say 10 minute blocks guaranteed you'll get a big kick in the pants in increased performance.

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              PaulieDC Level 2

              You may want to increase to 12GB, that seems to be the safe zone. I have 12GB, and often AME can eat a tad over 10GB encoding a 12-minute project. I know that's ambiguous since a project can be one clip with attached audio or 45 clips with 5 layers of embedded sound, but I've worked with all in that range and my used RAM never went above 10.5GB, but OFTEN goes above 8GB. I'm on Win 7 Ult btw. Also, besides my OS drive, asset drive and project drive, I have a WD 250GB drive for holding miscellaneous stuff, but I also dedicate that to Scratch Disks, big ones!

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                zjimbo Level 1

                I want to thank each of you for respinding to my question.


                Harm: I did the ppbm thing and when I got to the last section where I was told to "Go to the PPBM folder". I got a message that said I was denied access. I'm thinking I did not build the correct fold in the correct drive. I will try it again. I would like to see the results.


                Fighting Sticks: I am not sure how to break the project down into smaller sections unless I create a New Project and import the sections into that. When I do that the project is not linked and I will not be able to put in the transitons linking them back together until I put them back into the orgional project and then I am right back where I started. What am I missing?


                Paulin: I will probably do as you suggested. My only concern is I am not sure of the Ram configuration. I think it is two 4GB sticks. I hope it is not an eight. I was told you should not add a different size Ram. In others words they all needed to match, like 3x4=12GB or 2x8=16GB. Is that right? I mean the Ram logic, not the math, I know that is right.


                Jim That's me.

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                  Harm Millaard Level 7

                  With a core duo, you probably have a mobo with a 775 socket. That means you have four memory sockets available. With your current 8 GB RAM, it is likely you have either 4 x 2 GB, in which case there are no more slots available, or you have 2 x 4 GB sticks. In the latter case you can add two more sticks to increase memory to 16 GB, but make sure you get identical sticks to the ones currently installed. If you have all 4 slots occupied, I would advise against increasing RAM, because it will mean that you throw away your current RAM and that seems like a waste of good memory.


                  In the future, when you decide to upgrade your system to something more powerful, you can no longer use this DDR2 memory and need to exchange it with DDR3 memory, so investing in new memory now does not seem all that nice.


                  Jim, when you have done the PPBM4 benchmark, can you send me the Output.txt by PM?

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                    dradeke Adobe Employee

                    The coy answer from the Adobe employee is almost always going to be YES.


                    Simply put, if you have a 64 bit OS, then RAM is always the best and cheapest way to get more performance out of the system with Premiere Pro.


                    One other suggestion to keep your project clean is to clean the media cache - it might help the performance a tiny bit if you haven't done it in a long time.




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                      zjimbo Level 1

                      Thanks I'll open my computer and see what I have.