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    Quick classpath problem


      Hey guys


      Using CS3, when trying to reference a class A from within a class Root, which is in a folder specified in the classpath, the Root class does not compile properly.


      I have attached the simplest form of this problem, using only a couple of lines of code. Any help is appreciated, but it truly seems to be a bug from Adobe. If anyone can test it using a more recent CS it would be great.



      Here is the summary of what's in the ZIP archive:


      - a Problem.FLA file, with the directory "code" specified in the classpath, and a document class specified as: Root

      - a directory named "code"

      - a file named Root.as, inside directory "code". This class traces a message in the constructor, and the just references a class called AClass

      - a file named AClass.as, inside directory "code". This is an empty class


      The Problem.FLA file only compiles to about 50 bytes worth of SWF, and does not trace the message in the constructor, nor does it throw any error. All this does not happen if the Root class stops referencing the AClass class.


      NOTE: at first, as well as from time to time, Problem.FLA may report that it does not find the class Root; this is another bug from Adobe, to make the FLA see the Root class, use "Save As" for the Problem.FLA file, and resave it under the same name, then it will find the Root class.