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    how to get into selection sequence of chars?


      I have line of text like this:

      "qwerty (23) jhlkjhljkh"


      I need symbols before "(" marked as bold.

      "qwerty (23) jhlkjhljkh" (or some other formatting).


      i wrote this:


      Set myInd = mFunction.SetMyInd
      Set myDoc = myInd.ActiveDocument
      Set mySel = myInd.Selection(1)
      Set myM1 = mySel.ParentStory



      myInd.FindTextPreferences.FindWhat = "("
      Set mFounded = myM1.FindText()
      Set mPara = mFounded(1).Paragraphs(1)
      Set mChar = mFounded(1).Characters(1)
      Set myTextRange = mPara.Characters.ItemByRange(1, mChar)

           For i = 1 To myTextRange.Count - 1
                myTextRange(i).FontStyle = "Bold"


      Can i escape cycle and mark as bold needed symbols at once?

      In other words: can i get as selection all symbols before "("?