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    Flex Builder no longer detects errors against Array class definition.

    Wim Hoskens



      I don't know if this is the correct forum to post this problem, but here goes.


      I've been developping a application using Flex Builder 3. Today I encountered a strange problem. When I use an Array variable in an Actionscript class, the compiler no longer detects errors against the class defenition. I only encountur this behaviour with the Array class. All other top level classes, seem to work. F.i. I can insert the following in some function:


      var a:Array = [1, 2, 3];

      var i:a.Len;


      After building the, I get no error report. When I run the application, the variable i gets the value 0.


      I tried cleaning the existing project. I created a new flex project from scratch. The problem remains.


      I haven't done any updates lately, f.i. flash player, java, ... the development environment hasn't changed as far as I know.


      Can someone give some tips regarding this problem? Thank you.