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    Tips for troubleshooting crashes?

    RobWer1 Level 1

      TCS 2

      Robohelp 8.0.2


      I just created a Robohelp template from a project with a Framemaker booked linked in. I deleted the book from the project before running the script which creates a new template. Robohelp crashes after I created a new project based on the new template and linking the same Framemaker book. Subsequent attempts to open the new project result in a RH crash


      I had  problem a few weeks back while deleting the framemaker book from an earlier project i had wanted to use for creating a template.


      I would be grateful if there are any checks and steps which can be taken to troubleshoot these RH crashes. Looking through the forum i see mention of the CPD and XPJ files but really not sure what i should do about these and whether it is good practice or not to tamper with these.


      I have seen many different RH crashes since working with it a couple of months ago so some structured steps for troubleshooting crashes would be a great help.


      Can anyone suggest some self-help steps that can be taken to address crashes?