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    Stratus Multicast Whiteboard and LCCS/Stratus Hybrid Whiteboard


      I have created a Stratus Multicast whiteboard as well as a LCCS/Stratus P2P hybrid. On http://www.colabry.com the top whiteboard remains the LCCS whiteboard and the lower is the Stratus P2P. The Stratus P2P now includes LCCS connectivity.


      You are invited to see the Multicast whiteboard by sending me an email: ajlogo@gmail.com . This version as well as both earlier mentioned whiteboards are virtually all the same code.


      I see two huge advantages to Stratus multicast:

           1. More engaging due to free/un-metered use. Using LCCS to broadcast slider adjustments, window resizing,  mouse and window scroll bar movements are potentially expensive. It is easy to imagine 36,000  messages a hour.

          2. Whiteboard over simple P2P( two people max) is minamally collaborative.



      The down side is that roles/rooms/credentials  and other LCCS comforts need to be created. And the base content needs to be persistent somewhere.

      I want to reiterate my suggestion to watch  the talk by Matthew Kaufman at 2009 MAX (esp at ~ 39:00)


      Arnie Widdowson 610-944-5890