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    Empty response headers?


      Hey guys, I'm sorry I already asked this on another forum but I need someone to double check


      http://pastebin.com/m4d1cad49 is my code - also note that print_r is a function I have added to print the array, not a non existant function


      What I want my code to do is to login you to a 3rd party site, and to do that it has to be able to send/receive cookies.


      1) Shouldn't request.manageCookies = true; mean that the app will be able to receive cookies? if not, what's it meant for anyhow?


      2) if that doesn't work, I'm guessing I could set cookies by checking the response headers, but my response headers are always empty.  what's the purpose of request.responseHeaders then? If it just won't work in my case, under what conditions does it work? It is part of the html/ajax air api so I'm not sure why it is coming up empty


      Thanks in advance