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    "Insuffient Memory" in ACR

    Figaro 1332 Level 1

      I'm having the same problem in several laptops with ACR telling me there's insuffient memory while it's saving changes in ACR. This happens when I open, change, save, and close NEF or jpg images then open another set of about 25 and do the same process. After about the third time, I get the insuffient memory message and I have to close down Photoshop and reopen. This clears it until I do another 3-4 sets of photos then I have to close it down again. Is there a cache somewhere that isn't emptying? It happens whether I save one image at a time or the whole set at once. The problem occurs in different brands of laptops, all with XP Pro, from 2 months to 2 years old, even with a 500gb drive attached for more scratch space, memory is allocated at 70% for Photoshop, and happens with CS3, CS3 ext, and CS4, all w/updated ACR. Memory and RAM isn't an issue on any of the computers. No other programs open. I'm out of ideas. Anyone??