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    LCCS/Stratus Hybrid Whiteboard


      I have created  a LCCS/Stratus P2P hybrid whiteboard. On http://www.colabry.com the top whiteboard remains the LCCS whiteboard and the lower is the Stratus P2P. The Stratus P2P now includes LCCS connectivity. The LCCS version will be supporting P2P in the next version.


      It is possible to leverage the advantages of both LCCS and Stratus.


      In addition, there is a new Stratus multicast whiteboard. You are invited to see the Multicast whiteboard by sending me an email: ajlogo@gmail.com . This version as well as both earlier mentioned whiteboards are virtually all the same code.


      If you are interested in Status multicast, I suggest watching  the talk by Matthew Kaufman at 2009 MAX (esp at ~ 39:00)