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    Using quotes or not when referring to button names in simulations

    digitalchemist Level 1

      Hello!  My co-workers and I have different feelings on how button names should be displayed in text boxes in a simulation.

      What is the best practice for this...?  If you have a text box that comes up that says "Click the OK Button".  What is the proper way to display this?


      - Click the OK Button  (Just make OK bolded with no quotes)

      - Click the "OK" Button (Put "OK" in double quotes)

      - Click the 'OK' Button (Put the 'OK' button in single quotes)


      One co-worker thinks you should use single quotes.  The other co-worker says that is gratically incorrect and we should use double quotes, or no quotes.

      Also, do you always use bold to display the button name?


      Is there a standard on this?  Which way is the best way to go?  Any info or insights would be greatly appreciated...

      Thank you sooo much and have a great day!


      Best Regards,