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    function loads in swf but not transition

    Limon26 Level 1

      i have a function that loads in different .swf files depending on what buttons are clicked:

      function loadF(y:Number, d:Number) {
      loadMovieNum("floors_swf/"+y+"_"+d+".swf", 1);


      in  my .swf files, i have a white box that fades out for 15 frames and stops to reveal the content,

      then fades in for 15 frames to hide the content.


      is this an ok way to do a fade or is there an easier way to fade in and out the .swf file?


      Also, how can I write that into my function so when a new button is clicked, I want the current .swf file

      to play the exit animation, frames 15-30, then load in the new .swf file...?

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          DazFaz Level 1

          what, hey, when, whois!!!!


          It sounds as though you want someone else to write this for you.


          There are many, many, many, many ways to skin the same cat within Flash (as with most development languages) it really is up to you with which way you want to take your development.


          You might want to look at "MovieClipLoader" which will give you more options.